Rebecca Kirk


Call me:
Call me:



Am in the teacher training program, and just about anything else I can sign up for.

When not dancing I can be found:

At work, asleep, or at somebody’s engagement party/wedding/baby shower/30th/baptism/house warming. So many parties at this stage of life!

I’m proud of:

The somewhat small percentage of Italian blood in my veins – viva Italia!

My qualifications in a few words:

I was a Muay Thai fighter who converted to DANCE. I’m also a school teacher.

I’d like to learn:

More of everything! More dancing, more martial arts, more Italian, more Spanish, more music, more art, more sewing…

Funny facts:

I’m a DANCER, a school TEACHER, and I’m about to marry a LATINO. So… Dance + Teacher + Latin = Latin Dance Teacher?