• 40/112 McEvoy St, Alexandria 2015
  • 8 min driving from Broadway
  • Parking: free at McEvoy St, free within premises after 6pm
  • Closest train station: Green Square
  • Close to bus stop
  • Entry at rear of the building, through car park


  • 263 Broadway Rd, Glebe 2037
  • 8 min driving from Alexandria
  • Parking: Broadway Shopping Mall, 2h free before 6pm, free after 6pm
  • Closest train station: Central
  • Close to bus stop



Covid-Safe rules effective from Monday 3 August and valid for 2 weeks and while we are on high alert.

➡️ Sanitizing of hands on arrival, before class starts, middle of the class and end of the class.

➡️ Wash your hands thoroughly between classes when doing multiple classes and repeat the sanitizing procedure as above

➡️ Masks to be worn when dancing and rotating in circles of partner work classes

➡️ If you bring your own partner, there is no need to wear a mask if not rotating

➡️ If you don’t want to wear a mask, you can practice the steps on your own outside the circle

➡️ Disposable masks will be provided free of charge.

➡️ Gloves are optional and are available for those wanting to wear them.