Mary-Grace Brown


Call me:



Teach Salsa On1 and On2, am part of the Sambt Pro team and dapple a little in all styles

When not dancing I can be found:

With my family or travelling, and often both together

I’m proud of:

Being able to balance work, dance, my kids, travel, and everything in between. More like grateful for all of these things rather than ‘proud of’

I’d like to learn:

To be patient

Funny facts:

I somehow manage to keep my balance when dancing but I’m a total klutz and an absolute walking disaster off the stage/dance floor. I can remember steps and multiple choreographies, but I frequently forget (and lose) my phone, wallet and anything essential that a normal human being needs to function in the world on a daily basis! Eg. I can do grocery shopping, pay for it, then walk away – completely forgetting my shopping at the register! I mean, who does that?!!!!