Mariana Cabral


Call me:

Mariana or Mari



When not dancing I can be found:

Working at my dayjob as a Psychologist, watching movies and TV series and dinning out with husband and friends

I’m proud of:

Leaving a double life – haha. It’s not easy to juggle working in such a “serious” academic field during the day and have energy left to do high intensity dance-fitness classes at night. I have found a nice balance in which these occupations compliment each other well and am lucky to be able to keep a healthy career in both.

My qualifications in a few words:

Cert III & IV Fitness; BA Psych; MClinPsych

I’d like to learn:

To dance with a partner! I am a self-taught dancer and lead in my classes, so would love to learn how to let go and be conducted on the dance floor

Funny facts:

Do not brush your teeth in front of me or I’ll hate you forever! Not even my husband is allowed to.