Mambo Classes Sydney

Mambo is both a genre of music and a dance style that originated in Cuba in the 1940’s and that is danced all around the world, specially in NYC. The dance roots derive from the Cuban Son, maintaining its elegant feel while mixing it with elements of other popular Cuban styles such as Rumba, Danzon and Afro-Cuban. The Mambo fever took over New York in the 50’s thanks to the big band sound of the orchestras battling each other at the Palladium club.

In NYC, the dance evolved by incorporating elements of other dance styles such as Hustle, Swing, Pachanga, Chachacha, Boogaloo and many more. In our days, Mambo is often referred to as “Salsa”, a commercial name used by the Fania Records company to group different music genres under a single umbrella, making it more accessible to the non-latin audience. Mambo, the dance, is also known as NY Salsa or Salsa On2 in different countries of the world.


Mambo videos

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