Students With Awesome Talent

Also known as “The talent factory”, the S.W.A.T teams are made of a selected group of students handpicked by the best coaches at LDA and in Australia. The longest running teams in Australia, they have been the breading for most of Sydney’s Latin Dance professionals in today’s industry.

The S.W.A.T teams were created by LDA’s director, Jaime Jesus, and are led by World & Australian Champions in Salsa, Bachata, Samba, Reggaeton and Zouk.

They represent the most talented dancers in each of the styles available at LDA, and are widely known as the best student performance teams in Australia. No other teams have created as many champions so consistently across so many styles in Australia.

Be part of it

The S.W.A.T teams are part of a program specifically designed to create Australia’s most elite dancers and nurture talent with the ambition to become professional dancers. The program is comprised of group classes, choreographies, private lessons, pro-ams and specific coaching targeted to individuals who want to make their dancing dreams reality.

S.W.A.T auditions and invitations happen on a seasonal basis. Keep an eye out for the next one coming soon!