Stephanie Mackay


Call me:

Steph, Stephy, Step… Oi… hahaha kidding, please don’t!


I teach salsa, bachata mainly, and any Latin fusion styles. I choreograph, compete, perform and I am always there to have a few laughs in the hall ways between classes…. If you see me, please introduce yourself and say Hi! LDA is not just where I teach, it’s a place I can connect with awesome new people

When not dancing I can be found:

Catching up with friends and family. It’s so important that I balance my life with spending quality time and creating memories with the people outside of dancing that I value dearly. I also try my best to go out social dancing. It honestly brings me so much joy!

I’m proud of:

All the titles I have won in the short span of time. I am also proud of the impact I’ve had on our student’s whether it’s their dancing or their confidence. Being an Instructor at LDA is so fulfilling in many ways

My qualifications in a few words:

I have been trained in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary since I was 5. Was a cheerleader for 10 years, and have been training salsa and bachata for 5 years now, instructing for 2 years. Not only do I have a Training and Development qualification for my day job, but this background, and all of my dance knowledge from my different dance training in my 25 years of dance, has given me a good overall understanding of how to translate to adult learners, breaking down steps and movement in a way that is understandable to anyone at any dance level

I’d like to learn:

Spanish! Being half Puerto Rican my attempt of Puerto-Ricaneese just doesn’t cut it…….

Funny facts:

I love to laugh…. I know that’s not funny…. But please, by all means tell me your jokes… I love them!