Dance like a pro, with a pro

Our pro-am choreographies are one of our most popular projects. You get to choose your favourite style and instructor and get him/her to choreograph a custom routine designed to suit your dance skills and fortes, and to achieve your dancing goals, whether you want to perform or compete.

The training sessions will be one-on-one, customised to your needs and organised between you and you coach. You’ll receive extensive training in various aspects of dancing: improve technique, gain new skills, learn spins, dips and tricks, build stage presence, develop muscle memory, improve timing, make your footwork accurate, develop musicality, improve body movement, and most important of all, have lots and lots of fun.



Our Pro-Am Choreography Courses are one of our most popular projects and are set in packs of 12 hrs. May extra training be required, the extra hour class will be charged at $100. When the same student starts a new Pro-Am Choreography, a new 12 hrs pack must be purchased.

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12-hour pack


Extra hour