Modus Vivendi

Latin for “Way of Life”

As the name says, Modus Vivendi is a way of life. Led by LDA’s directors Nestor and Katrina, the MV teams are the hardest to get in, and the ones you never want to get out. They require discipline, dedication, lots of hard work and many many hours of training. But trust us, it all pays off when you get on stage and bring home the titles that show the result of all the blood, sweat and tears.

The Modus Vivendi teams have won countless national titles and have represented Australia in the World Championships bringing home numerous trophies such as:

  • Nestor & Katrina – World Pro Bachata Champions
  • MV Pro Team – 3 x World Pro Bachata Champions
  • MV Pro-Am Team – 2 x World Pro-Am Bachata Champions
  • MV Ladies Team – 2 x World Pro Salsa Shines Champions
  • MVP Ladies Team – 2 x World Amateur Salsa Shines Champions
  • MVP Amateur Team – 1 x World Amateur Bachata Champions


Modus Vivendi Professional teams are Australia’s most elite and world recognised professional Latin Dance troupes led by Katrina Quintal and Nestor Manuelian. These teams travel nationally and overseas representing Australia on many fronts and bringing home multiple international accolades and world titles.

Modus Vivendi Pro Team – MV Pro

Led by Nestor Manuelian

The Modus Vivendi Pro Team is Australia’s highest level Latin Dance team dedicated to Salsa and Bachata partner work. Also known as MVPRO, it has won 2 x World Bachata Teams Championships and countless Australian titles in both Salsa and Bachata. Till today, the MVPRO team remains undefeated in both National and International Bachata Championships.

Modus Vivendi Ladies Team – MV Ladies

Led by Katrina Quintal

The Modus Vivendi Ladies is one of the World’s and Australia’s leading ladies Salsa team. The MVLADIES team has won countless National Titles and also the World Ladies Salsa Teams Championships. This is the pinnacle team for ladies in LDA and Australia to reach.


The MVP teams are part of a program specially designed for students who want to work towards becoming advanced level or professional dancers, elite performers, or to be part of large competitions. They are also the stepping stone into the MV Professional teams. The program is comprised of extensive training including group classes, choreographies, pro-ams, private lessons and one-on-one coaching on a number of dance and stage techniques. To be part of any of the MVP teams you must be invited or pass an audition to join.

Soon we’ll be releasing an audition day open to the public for 2019 season. Stay tuned!

Modus Vivendi Fusion Project – MVP Fusion

Led by Ulysses Maclaren and Katrina Quintal

To be part of the MVP-Fusion team, students are expected to be versatile in multiple Latin styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha and other fusion genres. MVP’s longest running team, it has won multiple National titles over the years.

Modus Vivendi Ladies Project – MVP Ladies

Led by Katrina Quintal

Dedicated to women, the MVP-Ladies team has won multiple National Championships and also the title of World Amateur Ladies Salsa Team Champions.

Modus Vivendi Bachata Project – MVP Bachata

Led by Nestor Manuelian and Rebecca Vallejo

The  MVP-Bachata team is dedicated to intermediate to advanced level students who want to be guided and mentored towards the more advanced levels of the Modus Vivendi program. This team has won a National Title and will be representing Australia on the World stage.