Lidia Grigorian


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Was part of the furniture for years pushing Salsa as the best dance style on the planet. Then, I met the man of my dreams (on the dance floor) and we decided to start a family of dancing babies. Now I get my teeth stuck into all the great new projects coming out of LDA and can be spotted Mcing events from time to time

When not dancing I can be found:

Cultivating the art of healthy living. Yoga, good food, parenting, wife-ing (is there such a thing) tree hugging, brewing chai and bushwalking are high on the agenda

I’m proud of:

The way the Australian Latin Dance community transforms peoples lives through friendships, community events and self development opportunities. It blows my mind when I reflect on the countless stories of achievement, extraordinary experiences through the dance journey and chance encounters that end in happy marriages

I’d like to learn:

To bake a killer banana bread, ride a motorbike and dance tango

Funny facts:

My 2 year old’s favourite music is Latin, without exception. I’ve tried to get her to listen to children’s music like the Wiggles but she refuses and asks for Shakira, “Fonsy” (Luis Fonsi – Despacito) or “Bailo” (Bailando) even as her nap time music