Need to know something?

Yes, unless you bought an 8 week course. All memberships, drop-ins, class passes and trials can be used in both locations. If you bought an 8 week course, you must attend all classes, from start to end of the term at the one location specified at the time of purchase.

No. We rotate students during classes, so everyone dances with everyone. We are unable to guarantee an exact 50/50 ratio between leaders (usually guys) and followers (usually girls), but we usually get pretty close.

We encourage students to dance will all other students, which is beneficial to your learning process as you are challenged to adapt to different dancing partners. However, rotation is not compulsory, please make the instructor aware of your preference before each class.

Clothing: we recommend comfortable active wear or casual attire that allows easy movement.

Shoes: we recommend closed shoes – no thongs or slippers please. Girls, you’re welcome to, but not expected to wear heels.

Yes, but… only if you attend our mid-term catch-up bootcamps ( or private classes (, which will set you up to join the group.

You are a member if you are currently under one of our memberships: Fitness Plus, Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Yes, if you are a member. Each membership has its own freeze time. For more info, check our terms & conditions (

If you’ve attended Latin Dance classes before and believe you’re not an absolute beginner, please contact us ( to book an assessment.

Partner work classes: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Zouk

Non partner work classes: Samba, Reggaeton and Latin Dance Fitness

It’s a good habit to do a quick personal hygiene check-up before stepping into classes. Make sure your deodorant is fresh, carry a spare t-shirt if you are doing more than one class, have some mints handy to keep your breath fresh are make sure you wash your hands before classes. Your classmates will appreciate.