Team building

Add some fun to your work environment

Our corporate classes are perfect to bring your team together in an activity that will challenge, reward and create a bonding experience. Get your team to have fun together in a dance class where they will learn as a group,  organised either individually, or in partners, which rotate during the class, so everyone gets to know everyone. Our corporate classes offer a special twist when bringing teams together. They are both physically and mentally challenging, yet anyone can do it. Our dance classes are a great team building activity, one that gets your staff moving, interacting and having fun with each other. Our instructors are very experienced and will break the ice within minutes.

Corporate Dance Classes

The perfect team building activity

  • Bring all staff together in a friendly, fun and relaxed environment
  • Your staff will get to know each other outside the work environment
  • Improve communication and social skills amongst your staff


Our classes last 60 minutes and are packed with lots of fun and team bonding. We also offer a free week of classes at our studio for each of the participants. Our instructors can come to your workplace, conference or party venue, or you can bring your team to our studio.

1 instructor

$300 team of up to 15 people

$450 team of 16 or more people

2 instructors

$450 team of up to 15 people

$650 team of 16 or more people