Performance Courses

Be part of a team

One of the best ways to fast track your learning process and develop your dance skills is to join choreography courses. At LDA we are constantly releasing new choreographies, which are performed on small and large scale events throughout the year. Some of our choreo teams also opt to compete in local, interstate and international events.

Joining choreos will help you to: improve technique, gain new skills, learn spins, dips and tricks, build stage presence, develop muscle memory, improve timing, make your footwork accurate, learn new steps, expand your repertoire, develop musicality, improve body movement, be part of a team, perform on stage, and most important of all, have lots and lots of fun.

Major Latin Dance Events

We start a new season of choreography courses on the lead up to major industry events, so you can perform on stage and show off your dancing skills to your family and friends on large scale events.