Brian Francisco


Call me:

Maybe. Sorry; that song is in your head now. Please call me Brian


Am the other half to Saki; and together we are part of the furniture! In addition to being part of the furniture, I also perform, teach and most importantly LEARN!

When not dancing I can be found:

Filming or photographing something, editing and uploading; although I never seem to be able to catch up with the backlog. Watching youtube videos about tech news. Listening to podcasts. Sometimes even hanging out with my wife!

I’m proud of:

The students around me, who I see really putting the effort in to become better dancers, every day! My partnership with Saki!

I’d like to learn:

All the things! Japanese, Spanish, photography and videography, painting wargaming miniatures, how to be a better husband! Not necessarily in that order…

Funny facts:

I am unabashedly happy to be geeky

Brian Francisco